Started Dogs

Puppy not right for you? Maybe your lifestyle doesn't allow you to have the flexibility to raise a pup.. a started dog could be  right for you.

Occasionally we will have some started dogs for sale. These dogs will be socialized, friendly with other dogs, playful around children, trained on basic formal obedience (sit, stay, here, heal), and depending on age will have retriever training and hunting experience. Our started dogs will be ready to make great family companions and/or hunting partners. Each started dog can be trained and rehomed to meet your needs therefore every dog and training program will be unique to the individual. 

Contact for more details
All started dogs are current on vaccinations and heartworm preventative. They are fed Pro Plan Focus (Large Breed Puppy) and registered through the AKC.
Depending on your individual needs our started dogs will be:

-Other dogs

Sound on basic obedience
- Here
- Heal
- Sit

Started Retriever training (6 months)
- Force Fetched
- Collar Conditioned
- Retrieving land and water marks
- Bird exposure
We pride ourselves in providing you with the best family companion and hunting dog to meet your needs. 

Available Started Dogs



  1. "Boone"
    Boone is one of our started dogs out of Sissy and Silvermist labs "Duke". He is a champagne male that carries all colors. He was born on August 12th, 2017 and will be begin retriever training January 1st. He is currently learning his basic obedience. Boone will be a larger male lab with a blocky head and large paws. We expected him to weigh 80-85 pounds when fully grown. Call for me details and availability.
  2. "Gus"
    Gus is one of Boone's brothers. Gus is slightly larger than his brother and has lighter features. He has real light eyes and a liver nose. He is a really beautiful champagne male!